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Our Mission

To provide comprehensive and expert analyses to help decision-makers to better design and implement the most appropriate solutions to protect the environment today and in the future.
Researching the past to improve the future!
Paleoecological research encompasses a broad array of disciplines devoted to the reconstruction of past environments both, under natural or anthropogenic influence that may have produced short- or long-term impact.
Climate change may induce geologic, hydrologic, and biotic changes that in turn affect human activity.  Humans, however, are also a great force of environmental change in the short- and long-run.
Our experts in micropaleontology, paleoecology, lake studies (limnogeology), and geoarchaeology can read and interpret the human record written in the soils, sediments, and alluvium.  Our services can give your project a fullness of understanding over a continuum of time.