Terra Nostra
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Geoarchaeology   Limnogeology   Environmental Sciences

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• Environmental Sciences
• Lake studies (Limnogeology)
• Micropaleontology and Paleontology
• Diatoms (ecology and paleoecology)
• Pollen analysis
• Faunal and Floral Matrix Analyses
• Paleoecology
• Sedimentology and soil sciences
• Geochemistry/Geophysics
• Climate change/Paleoclimate
• Seminars/Outreach programs
Services Offered:
  • Aquatic systems history
  • paleoenvironment reconstruction
  • modern and ancient canal history
  • lake level history
  • paleohydrologic input estimates
  • paleohydrochemical changes over time
  • invertebrate (Mollusa, Foraminifera, Ostracoda) analysis
  • calcareous algae (Charophyta) analysis
  • diatom (Bacillariophyta) analysis
  • stable isotope analysis from soils, sediments, and biological remains
  • geochemical analysis of soils, sediments, and biocarbonates
  • GIS applications to past environments and paleoclimate reconstruction
The information generated with our work may be used in making vital decisions regarding:
  • siting and characterization of hazardous waste disposal facilities
  • design requirements for urban and rural developments
  • watershed impact history of populated and recreational areas
  • impact of deforestation, soil erosion, and sediment pollution
  • reclamation and restoration potential of disturbed environments
  • prediction of extreme climatic events for risk assessment
  • aboriginal and post-European effects upon the natural environment
  • effects of the natural environment upon aboriginal and modern populations